general rental conditions

Keltic van is registered at French Register of Commerce under registration number 809 842 420, headquartered at Keralouant, 29640 Plougonven, France. All the bookings are subject to the following general rental conditions:

  1. general rental conditions

The availability of the vehicle implies the acceptance, without any restriction, of the general rental conditions (GRC) by the lessee. Before making your reservation, we invite you to read carefully the present GRC that rule each contract between Keltic Van and the lessee.

The lessee is the only person responsible of the vehicle. He needs to be there when the vehicle is picked up, to witness the inventory of fixtures of the vehicle and sign the rental contract.

The lessee is the main driver of the vehicle, but he has the possibility to add one or two extra drivers.

Each driver should be aged of 22 years old minimum, and also have a valid driving license since 3 years at least and show it before the signature of the contract, the day of the campervan rental departure.


The lessee does a booking request online or on phone, by giving his contact details, the desired vehicle model and the opening & closing dates of the desired rental period. Keltic Van directly informs by email or phone the availability based on the lessee’s wishes.

Booking is confirmed only after the payment of a deposit corresponding to 50% of the total rental price. The relevant price of the rental corresponds to the price in effect on the date of booking.


All prices include:

– all-risks insurance and 24/7 assistance
– price of the vehicle rent during the rental period, along with potential chosen extras add-ons
– authorized mileage (number of kilometers) depending on the rental period

Prices do not include:

– fuel
– potential supplementary kilometers : 0.25 Euros /km (only for rentals < 15 days)
– toll charges
– any parking or speeding ticket (plus 20 Euros for administration and processing fees)
– penalties for delays, fixed by KelticVan, in case of late return of the vehicle
– withdrawn of the deposit in case of damage of the vehicle involving a third party, or not
– expenses due to damage caused by the lessee (broken glass, tyres, roof, headlights, mirrors…)
– costs of an expert’s advice concerning the vehicle


For a booking:

The Lessee has to pay to Keltic Van a deposit corresponding to 50% of the total rental price. The payment of this deposit is made with credit card by phone or by sending a cheque or postal money order payable to Keltic Van.

The balance of your payment must be paid the pick-up day, and may be made by cash, credit card, cheque or postal money order. Only Euros are accepted.

Other forms of payment are not accepted.


The lessee has to give a security deposit of 2000 Euros on the day of the pick-up of the vehicle, by an imprint of a credit card. Other forms of payment are not accepted.

In case of crash, accident, collision or damages on the vehicle, the security deposit will be automatically collected.

In no case, the security deposit can constitute a means of payment for the 50% remaining in the balance of your total amount of rental.

The security deposit will by returned back to the lessee one month after the restitution of the vehicle, with eventual withdrawn of a amount still remaining due by the lessee.

All expenses involving some damages of the vehicle that won’t be covered by the insurance (use of the wrong fuel for example) will be due by the customer without delay.


During the delivery of the vehicle on the day of departure, the lessee has to bring the following papers:

– Valid driving licenses of the drivers

– Valid identity card or passport

– Car insurance statement

– Imprint of a credit card

In case of incomplete documentation required, it will consequently cancel the booking and engage the lessee to pay 100% of the rental total price.

The vehicle is delivered to the customers from Monday to Saturday (8.30pm to 6.30am) and on Saturday during high season.

A record of delivery describing the condition of the vehicle and its equipment, and also the rental contract are to be signed by the lessee and Keltic Van

Our vehicles are delivered clean and perfect functioning. They have to be returned in the same conditions.

The vehicle is delivered with with a full fuel tank, so it must be returned with a full fuel tank. If not, the lessee will have to pay to the renter 2 Euros for each missing litre of fuel.

Any delay in the return of vehicle demand immediate notification to Keltic van, which will be charged 30 Euros per hour of delay.

In case of the loss of keys / vehicle papers / add-on equipment, an extra charge will be paid by the lessee.

If a full cleaning of the vehicle, requiring outside contractor, is needed after returning it, an extra charge will be paid by the lessee.


Use and maintain the vehicle with the due care.

Operate only on public roads intended for automobiles

Let drive the vehicle only those having their names mentioned in the rental contract.

Do not use the vehicle under influence of drugs or alcohol

Use the vehicle only on authorized areas including France (and Corse), United-Kingdom, Ireland, and bordering countries of France. Travels through other countries are subject to prior written consent of Keltic Van.

No smoking inside the vehicle. In the event of non-compliance with this prohibition, the customer will have to pay for the cleaning charges and potential loss of earnings due to temporary impossibility to rent the vehicle.

Do not hook a trailer or a vehicle up to the campervan

Do not travel with more passengers than the allowed number as specified in the vehicle documentation.

Do not load the vehicle too much and never go upon the authorized loaded weight.

Do not use the vehicle to carry people for remuneration.

The lessee is prohibited from loaning or sub-letting the rented vehicle.

Do not use the vehicle to illicit or immoral ends, nor in any manner not prescribed by the constructor.

Do not carry domestic animals without prior consent of Keltic Van.

Verify the levels of water, oil and other fluids, as well as to control the tyre pressures at regular basis to ensure the vehicle is in good conditions to circulate.

The vehicle has to be used with good care and locked up even for a small period of time.

Respect alarm lights.

Stationery heater must be switched off before refueling

In the event of non-compliance with those safety rules, the lesser has the right to terminate the rental contract without notice, to the wrongs of the lessee.


The only possibility allowed to ask for a change of rental period is an extension of the duration of the rental period. The lessee needs to make his request at least 48h before. The lesser reserves the right to refuse the extension, which means the lessee will keep his return date as mentioned in the contract.

If the lessee makes an anticipated return of the vehicle, he will not be able to claim any kind of refund.


The lessee can change the vehicle model, adds-on and the dates of the rental period, subject to availability.

If the request is about an extension of the period or the inclusion of adds-on, the lessee will be charged of the supplementary amounts by Keltic Van.

If the request is about a reduction of the period or the cancelling of adds-on options, Keltic Van will deduct the corresponding amount from the balance of payment on the day of departure. These modifications are ruled under the cancelling terms.


The lessee has the right to cancel his booking 6 weeks before the date of departure at no extra cost, only by sending a postal mail at Keltic Van’s address.

In case of cancelling after that 6 weeks period, 50% of the total amount will be charged by Keltic Van. There is no legal right fr the customer to a change of the contract conditions.


Keltic Van reserves the right to cancel the reservation, in case in which:

  • The driver can’t bring valid identity card or driving license.
  • The driver can’t pay the required amount of security deposit
  • The lessee (and main driver) isn’t present at the vehicle pick-up and contract signing.

If Keltic Van is under obligation to cancel a booking, the 50% deposit will be fully refunded to the lessee.

Keltic van reserves the right to cancel a booking, without any financial loss, if events of force majeure occurred: strike, flood, fire…


Keltic van allows the lessee to use the vehicle only in France (and Corse), United-Kingdom, Ireland, and bordering countries of France. Travels through other countries are subject to prior written consent of Keltic Van. In any case, those countries should be covered by the insurance.


Keltic Van cannot be held responsible for indirect or unpredictable damages, loss or theft during the rental period, for personal belongings inside the vehicle rent and cannot be held responsible for indirect or unpredictable damages, loss or theft of their personal vehicle at Keltic Van’s address during the rental period.


–    All our vehicles have all-risks insurance for driver whose name is specified in the rental contract. All damages caused by a driver not mentioned in the rental contract will not be covered by the insurance. The vehicle is covered for the only period of time specified in the rental contract. After that, the lessee will be the only responsible of damages of the vehicle, unless an extension of the rental period has been specified in a written consent by Keltic Van.

–    The insurance applies to the following risks: accident, theft, fire, climate events and the drivers and passengers protection, without the excess which remains payable by the lessee.

–   The following cases are not covered by the insurance: tires or battery, wrong fuel, personal belongings, radio player, damages inside the vehicle, damages on the roof top.

–   The lessee will lose all benefits of insurance or guarantee in case he doesn’t respect one of the contract and the general rental conditions. Failure of comply with the GRC will cancel all insurance and guarantees, leaving the lessee only and fully responsible of all damages.


In case of mechanical, electrical and/or electronic breakdown/defects or of accidents as a consequence of which the vehicle cannot be operated, to make sure he will be covered by insurance, the lessee agrees to:

– claim within 24h any accident, disaster, theft to Keltic Van and local authorities.

– fill in and send directly the report to the insurance within 72h following the accident, and send also a copy of it to Keltic van.

– this accident report must  indicate the date, time and place of the accident alongside the names & addresses of the witnesses, the vehicle license plate number and the name of insurance company, the insurance number of the third-parties involved.

– include also any police statement or expert report

– in no case, you’ll discuss liability or write an agreement with the third parties regarding the accident.

– in case of a theft, attempted theft or any criminal act, the lessee has to fill in a complaint to local authorities (police or gendarmerie) within 48h. The lessee will have to send the original copy of the complaint and keep a copy for himself.

– He will also need to return to Keltic Van papers & keys of the vehicle as soon as possible. In circumstances where the keys are not returned back, the theft insurance will be automatically cancelled and the vehicle will be fully charged to the lessee.

In the event of non-compliance with those rules, the lessee would be fully considered as responsible and Keltic Van reserves the right to sue and take action against the lessee.


In case of mechanical defect or accident, the lessee can benefit a 24/7 assistance, including: airfare or rail charges, towing costs and cost of hotel accommodation. The assistance is applicable in all countries specified on the international insurance card.


  1.   Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law

Under French law n°78-17 of January 1978 “Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés” legislation for personal privacy protection, any user of the website get the right to access, modify or delete any personal data regarding himself (art. 34 of the law), by sending a postal mail to Keltic Van, keralouant, 29640 Plougonven

Keltic Van applies a confidentiality policy on data and respects the users’ private life.

The only data collected are made to:

  • Set up the bookings
  • Update the customers file.
  • Settle any dispute, any problem or to make apply its GRC.